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(Old) Research interests


My focus revolves around Advanced Image synthesis techniques such as global illumination and raytracing. My research has focused on moving these techniques from off-line to real time systems.


Razor: An Architecture for Dynamic Multiresolution Raytracing

Siggraph TOG paper on a systems approach on real-time raytracing using ray dependent LOD, grid based shading, and dynamic scenes. 10/2006. (Paper) (Video) (Codec)


Analysis of GPU-based raytracing

My undergraduate honors thesis investigates the constraints, benefits, and disadvantages of GPU-based raytracing for interactive applications. While the GPU has a higher computational capacity, traversal of acceleration structures requires many data dependent branches, crippling GPU performance over CPU performance. 05/2006.


Fast Texture Transfers

This paper outlines how to perform fast texture readbacks in OpenGL using pixel buffer objects. The work for this paper was done during my internship at Nvidia. 08/2005.


Irregular Shadow Maps

This paper was the result of a project for a graduate class on Real Time Graphics Architecture. Here, we present the groundwork for an architecture that utilizes irregular shadow maps, allowing for artifact free images. The follow up research can be found here. 05/2003.